We love working with natural materials, the unique patterning, the aging and life it brings to a space. We have collated some images that highlight timber used internally and externally as focal points and subtle accents. Timber really enhances an interior and softens architecture, and if it is sustainably sourced… even better!

Timber is made from carbon absorbed from the atmosphere so using timber in buildings effectively stores carbon that would otherwise be contributing to the greenhouse effect. Generally timber is not toxic (unless treated with chemicals) so does not leach vapors into a building. As it naturally ages it does not breakdown like man-made products leaving behind environmentally damaging materials.

Australia has a wide range of beautiful and sustainable native timbers. Blackbutt is regularly used for poles, sleepers and building frames, which makes reclaimed timber easier to come by. Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Ash and Messmate are the paler timbers. Tasmanian Oak has a large colour variation, from straw, through shades of pink to reddish brown. Victorian Ash is suited to interior applications and colour ranges from pale pink to yellowish brown. Messmate tends to have heavily featured gum veins.

There is a species with appeal for everyone.