With the summer months fast approaching it seems necessary to utilise the outdoors more and more. Your garden, terrace or deck should be an extension of your indoor living areas.

By creating a seamless indoor/ outdoor area you can take advantage of these hot summer days and warm balmy nights.
There are a variety of steps you can take to create this seamless style of living.

Create conversation zones outside with outdoor furniture around an outdoor coffee table, this will entice people to go outside and use the space as a second living room. Look into building an outdoor kitchen or BBQ area offset with an outdoor dining table, again creating a second dining space for your home. Surround these zones with potted plants or green walls to create a sort of boundary, making it feel like an outdoor room. A pergola is another great addition to your outdoor area, it will provide shade and the illusion of being both indoor and out.

Another great tip to really make that seamless transition from inside to out is the introduction of indoor plants, the fiddle leaf fig is a beautiful plant that can be used indoors to bring a little life into your interiors.