It’s been a long time between posts here on our blog, and we find ourselves in April, finally coming up for a breath of fresh autumnal air. We have been super busy working closely with Mark Hurcum of MHDP Architects on some really special and unique homes around the northern beaches. Stay tuned as some of these projects are underway and we hope to share some photography of why we have been so quiet on the web-waves!

We thought it would be nice to start off with a visual feast of colours, patterns and textures to get you inspired. As a starting point, these images will evoke different responses from different people and you end up with unlimited opportunity from the same starting point. At baxter + thrum, we LOVE concept design. It’s a really exciting and creative part of our design process that we can explore and push boundaries to see where we can take it. The next phases of work see us refine this concept and evolve into a project for a unique and custom design outcome. During the process we keep coming back to our concept to ensure we stay true to the initial design intent set at the beginning.