Last week we looked at lighting interiors and this week we thought we would explore light in interiors, as in natural light. Just as we can manually light a space, we can also capture natural light during the daylight hours to really transform a space. Watching the light change throughout the day is a visual reminder of time passing — something architect Toyo Ito explores in some of his works (check out White U, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 1975-76).

Sunlight creeping slowly across your wall as you wake in the morning, or dancing on your wall as the breeze plays with the leaves outside your window creating a light and shadow play. All these elements add layers of ambience to a room making home orientation and window placement key to inviting natural light into your home. This just enforces the importance of the relationship between interior designer and architect. The two disciplines work hand in hand to ensure the exterior of your home enhances how you enjoy the space within.