Lighting can add another whole dimension to your interior, the transition between night and day is just as important as between seasons. How we use our space also changes during these times. Summer sees us open up and extend our hours of enjoyment outdoors, winter sees us turn inward and hunker down. Morning sees us open up the blinds and windows and welcome the sun, night-time we draw the curtains and pull out the throw blankets to snuggle up. Just like colours and textures, lighting can directly effect your mood. Lowering the lights in the evening, turning off overhead lights and relying on well-positioned lamps, or lighting positioned under joinery and in walls, is a nice way to encourage your body to slow down and prepare for a well deserved rest. Lighting can also be used to draw attention to focal points in your home. The actual light fitting can be a focal point or the light emitted can be the feature. Gobos and perforated shades all play with shaping the light and shadow to create interest and change the tone or set the mood. Does your lighting communicate the way you like to use your space?