Chippendale Development

baxter + thrum were commissioned to create two contrasting design concepts for this office block, with the aim of enhancing property value for sale to a developer.

Given the location of the development, baxter + thrum felt it was relevant to present two contrasting design concepts to communicate the scope of opportunity with this site. One concept explores the option of converting this property into five multi-level townhouses and the other concept presents nine apartments.

For the townhouse configuration we have taken cues from industrial warehouse conversions, which are proving to be a popular style in city fringe suburbs, and applied a sophisticated twist. baxter + thrum have exposed the existing brickwork for most of the external walls, capping the corners with feature panels of corten steel. The design plays with extruding the window surrounds and cladding the reveals with timber internally and black around the outside, and the window frames. Accents of black lift the overall design giving the development an upmarket finish. The townhouse entries have been pushed back under the building to give a sense of arrival for each occupant and the window treatments above allude to the vertical zoning of each townhouse.

For the nine apartments, baxter + thrum have drawn on the culture of this vibrant urban precinct and its residents. Chippendale is becoming recognised as a creative hub and we have translated this onto the façade of the building. The end result is a confident, contemporary building that echoes the creativity of the surrounding suburb. Juxtaposing timber panels, vertical green-wall sections and graffiti artwork panels, creates a patchwork of contrasting textures and colours. Window reveals have been darkened so they appear to recess back into the building. Shadow lines between the mix of feature panels give the illusion of a creative shell or skin encasing the building.