The dark side… shadows in interiors. We often think about lighting and luxe levels but what about shadow. Ambience can be a balance of light and shade and shadow, in our opinion, is just as important as light. It seems to be a very Western way to approach lighting—to flood every corner with white, bright light, replicating day light at night time. Why not celebrate the shadow.

Think East Asian lacquerware, dark backgrounds with golden inlays and detailed colour work. Under bright white lights they could be mistaken for garish, but when viewed under soft light and shadow, the colours and details take on a whole new look.

Changing from overhead downlights spattered across ceilings to lamps and wall lights of an evening is a great way to slow down the pace and soften the mood. Dark corners and a soft glow, firelight flickering light and shade, moonlight washing over the furniture.

For more along this line of thinking check out this brilliant little book, In Praise of Shadows, by Junichiro Tanizaki.

This week we challenge you to think about shadow in your home. See the negative space for a change, the space around the object. Invite shadow into your home and see what different effects you can create and how that makes your interior feel.